Thursday, March 29, 2012

my life according to instagram.

I'm feeling lazy right now. And choir is running my life. So here are some photos. I instagrammed them, so there is some effort there.

My peeps. Thay be cray.

My friend Mayrah and I did a little exploring with a camera from the 1930s a couple of weeks ago. It was freezing, but totally worth it.

And finally, China! My mom and I went for a week to Beijing and Shanghai. It was completely amazing, and so different from what I imagined. I don't think a trip has ever made me think so much.

I will be back soon. 
After this weekend. After choir. After I have my life back.

Monday, March 12, 2012

clear eyes...

I have about a million other things to do this week, so I'm going to make this super quick.

I have recently become reobsessed with Friday Night Lights (I had previously watched the first 1.5 seasons), and I'm now determined to actually finish it. While watching the show, this song caught my ear. Something about it does reflect the small-town tragic Southern romanticism. And it is originally by Bright Eyes. Of course.

And this one is from a playlist I found that had "Devil Town" on it. It is pretty much unrelated, but I like it so whatever.

And now my Netflix subscription is on hold, #collegestudentproblems, so I can't watch anymore FNL. But on second thought that is probably best for my sanity. And midterms.