Monday, April 29, 2013

make 'em laugh.

So apparently this week is Comedy Week (capital letters indicate that this must be read in a stadium announcer voice, fyi) over at Vulture. On their first day they complied a list of "50 Comedians You Should And Will Know". For a burgeoning comedy nerd like me, this is a goldmine. Some of the people on the list I was familiar with (like Jason Mantzoukas aka Rafi on The League aka Dennis Feinstein aka awesome), and some I had never heard of but really like. One of the chosen few in the latter group is The Birthday Boys, a comedy troupe consisting of seven guys. They've done mostly internet videos so far, but apparently some big things are coming up for them (IFC anyone?). I really wanted to include a clip not on the Vulture list just in the remote possibility that you would actually read it, but this PoolJumpers trailer is just too hilarious to resist.

And here, I included another one, just in case. (I love the NPR at the end.)

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