Friday, June 1, 2012

from the mixed up files...

Feeling a little lazy so this is going to be a grab bag kind of post. Ta-da!

Totally digging the Ramona West blog. It's basically instructions for the center-part straight haired cool girl thing. And the clothes are actually not that expensive. Win win.

Seychelles has the cutest shoes. Simple, yet interesting and practical. These, for instance, come in four excellent colors, though I'm partial to the limoncello.

This is one of those things that I would never wear myself, but I think is awesome and gorgeous.

I wish I doodled like this. Practice makes perfect, hopefully.

This is kind of useless, but fun anyway.

Last but not least, some DIY wonders.

I just did this olive oil hair treatment, and while it was a little gross pouring evoo on my scalp, it totally made my hair soft and shiny.

The Beauty Department is such a great website. It has a beautiful layout and aesthetic and has some great tutorials. This cheetah print nail tutorial may seem kind of ridiculous, but it is actually not that hard, and looks really cool. I suggest doing it on toes so you don't have to worry about the whole right hand dilemma.

I will have these. I have a birthday in August, y'all...

Happy June everyone!

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