Monday, February 21, 2011

new masterpieces.

So this post has been a long time coming. I mean it has been what two, three days since I last posted? FIVE!? Geez. How lazy am I?

But at least I kind have a valid excuse (besides being a college student). I am in DC visiting my mom in her brand spankin' new apartment (kinda hate myself for using the phrase 'brand spankin' new' but I'm just going to go with it). It is really nice (besides the shower curtain I knocked over) and I hope she will love living here.

It is certainly nice to visit for a three-day weekend. And so is DC. I am obsessed with the fact that so many of the museums are free here, namely the Smithsonian. We went to the Museum of American History yesterday, which was closed when I was here last, and I was totally geeking out. In addition to already being an American History freak (hello American Studies major), I love American culture. Seeing MJ's hat, Kermit, and Dorothy's ruby slippers all in one day? Awesome. And we saw Julia Child's kitchen. Inspiring.

Speaking of kitchens, the only real problem with my mom's apartment is that the kitchen is pretty much miniscule. It is barely the size of the kitchen in my dorm, which is kinda sad, but my mom assures me that she has plans to remedy this. It was big enough for me to make brownies in it last night though. Bon Appetit Magazine assured me that these brownies would be the "Best-Ever Brownies" (which I imagine being said in a gaudy announcer voice). Wrong. I mean they were good, but definitely not the best ever. I think I needed more browned-butter.

Anyways, enough about me...

...more about Georgina.

Seriously this girl is awesome. She takes paintings (not necessarily famous ones) and creates an outfit inspired by the composition and coloring. It is such a surprise and pleasure to see what she comes up with next and I highly recommend you check out some of her stuff.

Gustav Klimt

Roy Lichtenstein


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