Friday, February 4, 2011

happy friday.

nina leen.

Dreaming of beach days. 

Peter Sellers in a shot that I am absolutely in love with. And was a total pain in the ass to get by the way.

Nothing like a little French New Wave to brighten your day.

Indira Ghandi. A Wellesley woman if I ever saw one.

Also, has anyone seen I Am Love? I tried watching about half of it and had to stop (though because it was two in the morning more than anything else). What I did watch I found slightly strange and honestly, poorly paced. Now that I am in a screenwriting class and I know what I'm talking about (yeah, right), I feel justified in saying that the film just took too long in introducing a main conflict. An hour into the movie and little had happened. And it wasn't necessarily in the Sofia Coppola-esque way of basically making a movie of atmosphere. Perhaps the story picks up. I just wasn't that impressed. I'll try finishing it and see what happens. The costuming, though, was gorgeous.

Anyone have any thoughts?

All the pictures are from Life unless indicated.

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