Tuesday, February 1, 2011

why don't you sit right down and stay awhile?

So I love She & Him and was totally obsessed when Volume One came out. Since then I haven't listened to them that much because I had exhausted them for the time being. But today I was looking through my blogs and someone posted a video from Volume Two, and it just made me happy. I didn't enjoy Volume Two as much as I did Volume One, so I hadn't watched the video before. It was pretty good (which means pretty good for She and Him, infinitely better than just about every other band), but I really like the older stuff better, hence, Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?.

I was trying to figure out what my favorite song was from Volume One so I could be like "Gosh guys seriously, if you haven't heard insert single song name here than you haven't lived", but I realized that I really love all of them. So just go listen to the album. Especially This Is Not A Test. And You Really Got A Hold On Me. And I Thought I Saw Your Face Today.

And just as a semi-side note, if you haven't listened to any M. Ward (the "Him"), than you should, because he is amazing. One of my favorite guitarists ever. I've never really been good at discerning who was playing guitar but he has such a signature sound that it is easy.

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