Saturday, March 19, 2011

Harry Freaking Potter.

It's so sad, but seeing Daniel Radcliffe in person was so fulfilling. I mean its not exactly akin to feeding impoverished orphans or anything, but I think a whole in my heart has been filled.

As for the show, it was amazing! Like I said before I've always really like How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying ever since I saw the '67 version as a kid. I mean it was written by the guy who wrote Guys and Dolls, so no-brainer. Seeing it live was so much better though. The music absolutely came to life and the choreography was awesome. Two standout numbers were "Grand Ole Ivy" and "Brotherhood of Man", especially the latter. Guys, Daniel Radcliffe can dance. And he actually has a decent voice. Not the best I've ever heard, but it is clear and strong. And he was so cute! The character of J. Pierpont Finch is a little impish and manipulative while still being charming, and Radcliffe really pulled it off.

John Larroquette was the second lead as J.B. Biggley and I thought he was great as well. Singing wise I think he was pretty on par with Radcliffe. When they sang together, though, they really elevated each other and had great chemistry. He didn't really have much dancing to do so that is kind of a moot point, but I also thought that he captured the character well.

As for the woman in the show, I thought they were all very good, if less prominent. How to Succeed is pre-dominantly a male show so overall the woman had less to do. But I did really enjoy Ellen Harvey as Miss Jones. Christopher J. Hanke was also superb as Bud Frump. He definitely stole a few scenes with a really annoying, immature character. Plus he reminded me of Neil Patrick Harris the entire time (in looks, not character), so I was pre-destined to like him.

The sets and costumes were both gorgeous and fit into the atmosphere of the early '60s, without seeming dated. I think that's one of the greatest challenges with How to Succeed, trying to make the music, story, and show in general seem modern. This production definitely succeeded (har, har).

The spectacle of the entire event was really funny and heartwarming (at least to me). People lined up waiting for Daniel to come out after the show (my mom and I included) and there was such a sense of solidarity between these people. Yes, we were just waiting for a celebrity to come out of the theatre, but for so many of us Daniel Radcliffe is as much a symbol of growing up as anything. And though he was very good in the show, I don't think he'll be able to shake the Harry Potter image anytime soon. I heard a guy on the street talking on the phone saying that Radcliffe must have wore contacts because he wasn't wearing his round glasses. Then again, my mom did ask me after the show if he was British. (I might have to disown myself from her for that one.)

I didn't get any pictures of the show or of Daniel Radcliffe, though I did get a glimpse of him outside the stage door, so I'll just share the poster for the show, in which he looks adorable.

Basically if you have the chance to see the show definitely do it. It was worth it, for both my mom and me. We were happy for hours afterwards!

So, the moment you've all been waiting for, my destination reveal. I am going to ...Italy! I'm so excited to be going to the Amalfi Coast. We are renting a house and will just chill and soak in the Italian atmosphere. Hopefully it will be fantastic.

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