Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a whatyamacallit.

SPRING BREAK! Woooo! It's true, I'm on spring break. Finally. It feels like it has been forever since I last had a break.

The only problem is that I have work that needs to be done before I go away. Where is this mystery destination to which you are traveling you ask? Well I'll tell you...on Friday. Keep the suspense going a little while longer. I know that you are just dying to know.

Anyways it is great to be back in Rhode Island, I missed my crazy state. And now that I'm here after being gone for a while I notice all these things that are changing. Like how my local grocery store has changed from their fancy personalized Clements Marketplace bags to "Thank you for shopping with us!" bags. I am not feeling it. Half the fun of going there is getting a snazzy purple Easter grocery bag or a festive orange one for Halloween. It is just a disgrace. (Wow, my town needs a town center or something.)

Last night some friends came over and we found this blanket that my grandparents got me. Or at least we thought it was a blanket. It turned out to be...

A giant blanket with a deer on the back! WHAAAAT? BUT WAIT, there's more...

IT HAS SLEEVES! Like a reverse snuggie. It is, as my friend deemed it, a "hunting kimono". Beautifully modeled by my friend Sophie.

Basically my grandparents are awesome.

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