Saturday, May 7, 2011

matt & kim.

So Matt & Kim came to campus yesterday in the honor of the last day of classes and it was so good. They were absolutely adorable. Matt was so sweet and funny in his "mcing". And Kim, she's just kinda a badass. But a badass who actually smiles and looks like she loves what she is doing, which is the best kind. And she's from Rhode Island. I just about fainted when I heard that (I'm from the Ocean State as well) and during the whole concert I just wanted to chant "Rhode Island!". It took all my will power to resist.

The concert really was great though. They had so much energy it was insane. When they played "Daylight", (they saved the best for last), everyone went crazy! They also played some random songs like "Jump On It" by the one, the only, Sir Mix-a-lot and "Better Off Alone", which everyone sang along to. The crowd really got into it, probably because were all so happy that classes are over. I kind of turned into a head banger for a little while, which was tons of fun. And now we just have to get through finals...awesome. Thankfully I only really have papers and portfolios, but still, it is very stressful.

Sorry my pictures are kind of crappy, I was much more focused on my head banging. Cause I'm all into that now.

Basically how we were all feeling.

Jump, jump, jump. Jump around.

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