Friday, January 21, 2011

welcome back ron swanson.

That's right Parks and Recreation is finally (FINALLY!) back! So exciting. I think it is my favorite show on television right now. It is just hilarious and everyone in the ensemble would be a standout in any other show. And I'm so glad they brought back Adam Scott and Rob Lowe. Party Down (which Scott was the star of) was a gem that was just too underappreciated to be kept on the air. And Scott was also on Veronica Mars, which is a major plus. So coming into Parks and Rec I really had an idea of who Adam Scott was. RobLowe, on the other hand, wasn't completely unfamiliar to me but I don't really remember seeing him in anything. So his ridiculous character was a (welcome) surprise. The flirtation between him and Ann (Rashida Jones) is adorable, and I especially liked Ann's imitation of Chris (Lowe's character). Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) were superb as well, as usual.

So besides watching Parks and Recreation, I also went to Savers to do a little shopping today. Score. I love going to Savers. It is kind of hit or miss and I'd say today was a hit. In a weird kind of way. Most of the stuff I got was bad looking on the hanger but screamed to me that it had potential. So I decided to go for it. Here's what I got.

See? All kind of sack-like. Until...

Magic! I think my favorite is the one all the way to the right. It is a little Winona Ryder, but I'm feeling it. The middle one was the most work to alter (though it honestly wasn't that much) and I'm not sure if it is still too disco-y. It's a maybe. And the one on the left is in the middle. I like it (I'm wearing it right now because my house is seriously freezing), but I'm afraid I cut it too short.

I also got a pretty sweet ski sweater and a barn coat.

So, overall it was just a win-win-win, in the words of Michael Scott, kind of day.

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