Monday, January 24, 2011

a night out with the girls.

I'm back at Wellesley! Yay! I feel so much smarter already. I swear if I hadn't been writing in this blog I would have had complete mental atrophy. Anyways, since we all had separately decided that we wanted to get off campus this semester we took the bus into Cambridge for the evening. The "we" in that sentence was Nat (who I visited in Miami), Camylle, Mayrah, and me. Though we are perhaps better known by our exotic and accentedalter-egos: Svetlana, Ariana, Jaqueline, and Emma.

Once we got off the bus in Harvard Square we decided to hit up TeaLuxe because the presence of chider (a combination of hot cider and chai tea) had been suggested. On the way to the tea shop we may or may not have stopped in the cupcake shop next door and picked up sweet cake and cookies n' cream cupcakes (we did).


Ariana & Jaqueline, what cuties.

These are cool Brazilian bracelets that Nat brought for us. You make wishes on them and when they break they come true.

All bundled up and ready for the cold.

Anyways today is the first day of classes so I may or may not be posting (or alive) tonight.


  1. This is a cool blog! I'm at community college right now and thinking about applying to wellesley as a transfer after I finish. How do you like it/what is your major? My aunt graduated from their a few years ago and just loved it.

    Cute photos! Looks like a fun time!

  2. Hey Sofi!

    Thanks for you comment! I absolutely love Wellesley and am having an amazing experience. I am probably going to be an American Studies major and Cinema and Media Studies minor. If you are thinking about transferring schools I would absolutely recommend thinking about Wellesley. By the looks of your blog (I stalked you a little) you seem like you would be a really good fit and certainly would be able to expand your humanitarism.

    Hope this helped and let me know if you want to talk more!