Friday, April 8, 2011

cinema studies.

I kind of want to live in all these places, they are so beautiful. But I would want them unrenovated. There is so much more character to them when they are in shambles, only ghosts of their past splendor...

Ok enough with the poetic crap. The real reason that I'm not going out and buying an abandoned theater? Besides lack of funds, the ridiculousness of it, and the impracticality, I would say The Phantom of the Megaplex. No, not Opera, Megaplex. This was that Disney Channel movie from a while back. I don't really remember much about the plot anymore, but I remember it totally freaked me out. (I was that kid who couldn't watch anything remotely scary. Even Rugrats was too much occasionally.) And I remember that it had that kid who played Oliver in The O.C. starred in it. Remember him? He was insane in the membrane. God I used to love that show.

Anyways, I digress. Old theaters are awesome. Buying one is now on the life to-do list.

Note: The last picture here is of a movie theater in the town where my dad works. Weird coincidence.


  1. hey grace I've been fantasizing for the past few years about holding a university in an old theatre, where you could project massively and draw on huge walls (those library ladders would come in handy) and smoke and talk and work in an space all your own. Are these in Detroit?

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  3. these are actually from all over the country. you can find more pictures here: ( ) if you want to see more.

    and that sounds like an awesome plan. i would love to take a class in any of these places.

  4. The town where your town works? Explain!

  5. Where my dad works! Sorry about the mistake!

  6. You're forgiven. For the time being.