Friday, April 22, 2011

a retrospective of a retrospective.

But wait, now that I'm writing on this, that makes three degrees of retrospection. Gah, that is way too confusing. Let's just move on shall we?

This is really late because I actually went to the Davis Museum's retrospective of El Anatsui's retrospective (When I Last Wrote to You about Africa) about a week ago, I have been just too busy to get it up here about it. But finally I have some pictures.

First of the all El Anatsui's work was great. I had never heard of the Ghana-born artist before, but he makes really dynamic pieces of art out of all sorts of materials including recyclables, clay, and wood. If you get a chance to see any of his work in person, really do it because so many of the aesthetic details cannot be captured through photographs.

You probably wouldn't have known that that was made of trash, but it was. Also can I just say that the Wellesley Davis Museum's showing of When I Last Spoke to You about Africa was the US debut of the retrospective. Yeah, we're kinda important. (It is Spring Open Campus so I'm in plug-Wellesley mode a little bit, don't mind me.)

My main motivation for going to the show was to see the marvelous designs of my friend and floormate Wendy Chen. She submitted a dress to a contest for recycled fashion that the Davis was hosting, and holy crap, it was awesome. All the entries were really impressive, but I have to say that Wendy's shined the most. But maybe I'm a little biased.  See for yourself.

And now presenting...drum roll...Wendy Chen!

That's right. That bodice is a keyboard. Whaaaaa?

Sorry the colors are a bit off, my camera apparently takes super saturated pictures indoors and when I tried to combat it I went a little overboard.

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