Monday, April 11, 2011

hold on to your kite.

School has been getting extra busy this week and it's only Monday so my posts might be a little less frequent coming up. But I'll try to keep up. I have a lot on my plate though. I mean I saw Madeleine Albright speak on the conflicts in Libya and Egypt tonight so it's not like I'm doing things that are totally unpleasant. She was pretty awesome by the way, so well spoken and biting at the same time.

Anyways I'm just going to share a version of "Naive" which was originally by The Kooks but is covered here by Lily Allen. I love Lily Allen, or her music at least, and think she is talented and kind of a more tongue in cheek version of Amy Winehouse. I have nothing against The Kooks, I saw them my sophomore year and The Morning Benders (who I think at this point is a much better band) opened for them, and I like their version, but I think Allen's acoustic version is a better fit. 

My favorite Lily Allen song is actually a Mark Ronson song which she sings called "Oh My God", which is itself a cover of a Kaiser Chiefs song. I hate the music video (animation and humans is such a weird concept that I just can't get over), but love the song. I know of it because of St. Trinian's, a film about a raucous group of prep school girls being bad asses. You should check it out if only because it has Colin Firth in it. (And Gemma Arterton, and Juno Temple, and Rupert Everett, and Talulah Riley, and Russell Brand before he became annoying omnipresent.)

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