Monday, April 4, 2011

get out of the city and into the sunshine.

So I have been crazy busy lately so I haven't had time to show you all the cool things I have been uncovering online or show you pictures from the US premiere of El Anatsui's retrospective. I'm a bad blogger, I know.

In the mean time, please accept this gift of an awesome Belle & Sebastian song. Very summery and sweet. By the way I love how energetic and crazy Stuart Murdoch is in this video. He has always looked really intimidating and kind of like a football hooligan to me but then he comes out and sings this song in this way. So you never know I guess.

And they are singing on Top of the Pops. Super cool. I didn't know it still existed.

And here's an interview with Aziz Ansari from about a year ago with Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air. Even without hearing how funny it actually is I can tell how intrigued you are by the concept.

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