Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a marathon of a week.

Oh, I am so funny. Not really.

But really this has been a very long week. That is probably why I haven't posted in so long, but now I feel horrible about it. I feel as though it is only getting to get busier, but I will try to stop and blog (the flowers aren't out yet, so smelling them isn't an option). 

Anyways, Marathon Monday was a blast! I had heard about it but being there and standing at the rails was so exciting! Basically Wellesley in the halfway point in the Boston Marathon so just about every Wellesley College students goes out to the streets, which are closed to cars, and cheers with signs and cowbells. The signs are perhaps the best part. Some go tradition, "Halfway there, living on a prayer!", while some express themselves a little bit more suggestively, "Kiss Me! It's my first time!" or "Kiss Me! I'm a marathon virgin!". The whole kissing thing is kinda strange but more wholesome than it sounds. Runners grab girls and kiss them as they pass by. For some girls puckering their lips takes most of their time, while others are more concerned with screaming themselves hoarse. Either way, it is awesome. 

Hope you brought your hand sanitizer.

Everyone comes out for Marathon Monday. Afterwards there is fun to be had in Munger Meadow, where SBOG (the Party Planning Committee of Wellesley) puts on a barbeque and beer garden. It was great, especially since Nat was in the frog suit for a while.

I relish in the embarassment of others. (What? I'm only human.)

Overall just a (especially) great day to be a Wellesley Woman!

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